Orion Energy Systems Releases Fiscal 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report

Orion Energy Systems Releases Fiscal 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report

June 28, 2023 at 8:02 AM EDT

MANITOWOC, Wis., June 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Orion Energy Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: OESX) (Orion Lighting), a provider of energy-efficient LED lighting and controls, maintenance services and electric vehicle (EV) charging station solutions, announced the release of the company’s second annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report, highlighting progress in its FY 2023 year ended March 31, 2023. The report is now available on Orion’s website.

Orion is dedicated to helping its customers achieve their sustainability objectives by offering innovative technology and exceptional service. Through the development and installation of energy-efficient solutions, Orion actively promotes energy conservation and reduced emissions.

Mike Jenkins, Orion’s CEO, commented, “ESG and sustainability are in Orion’s DNA. Our industry-leading, energy-efficient LED lights dramatically reduce our customers’ energy consumption and carbon footprint. Expanding our reach in cleantech, we entered the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions market in FY 2023 with the acquisition of Voltrek. We look forward to helping our customers implement EV charging infrastructure to support their environmental and business goals, while we work to progress our firm-wide commitment to ESG initiatives.”

FY 2023 ESG Progress
Orion estimates that it helped customers eliminate the production of 177,161 tons of carbon dioxide in FY 2023, equivalent to the impact of planting 71,174 trees, through reduced electricity consumption enabled by its energy-efficient lighting systems.* The report also highlights Orion’s own environmental commitment, including the production of more than 10% of its FY 2023 energy needs through site-produced renewable wind and solar sources, as well as the recycling of approximately 89% of the Company’s manufacturing waste.

The report also reviews the Company’s commitment to charitable and humanitarian work, including its promotion of community involvement and volunteering by funding one paid volunteer day per employee each year. Orion also promotes a work-life balance policy, offers tuition reimbursement, and embraces a “safety first” workplace culture that has resulted in more than six years without a lost time accident in its manufacturing plant. Orion also significantly reduced minor first aid, near-miss and other recordable incidents in FY 2023.

The report also highlights Orion’s corporate governance principles and the Company’s commitment to best practices and diversity throughout the company, including in management positions and on the Board of Directors. Orion seeks to meet or exceed NASDAQ goals and to have a workforce that exceeds the diversity of its community. Reflecting this focus, 66% of Orion’s Directors are Independent and 40% of Orion’s outside Directors are women. The Company also encourages shareholders to communicate with its Board of Directors and has established conduits for shareholder communications with the Board.

* Internally calculated using national average emission factors per the EPA’s eGRID database, a recognized protocol by the World Resource Institute/World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WRI/WBCSD).

About Orion Energy Systems
Orion provides energy efficiency and clean tech solutions, including LED lighting and controls, maintenance services and electrical vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Orion specializes in turnkey design-through-installation solutions for large national customers, with a commitment to helping customers achieve their business and environmental goals with healthy, safe and sustainable solutions that reduce their carbon footprint and enhance business performance.

Orion is committed to operating responsibly throughout all areas of our organization. Learn more about our ESG priorities, goals and progress here or visit our website at www.orionlighting.com.

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