We are committed to achieving best practices in environmental, social and governance matters.  We are in the beginning stages of creating meaningful metrics to monitor and demonstrate continuous improvement towards achieving this goal.  We constantly strive to discover new and innovative ways to positively impact the environment, our employees, customers and stakeholders.


For 26 years, we have helped our customers achieve energy savings with healthy, safe and sustainable solutions that enable them to reduce their carbon footprint and digitize their business. Our LED lighting solutions generally result in a 50% or greater reduction in energy consumption for our customers. The result has been to reduce the need to create new power generation in North America.

At our own facilities, we incorporate energy-saving LED lighting and UVC air movement products to reduce our energy consumption and vastly improve the safety and comfort of our manufacturing and office workspaces.  We also generate our own electricity from our onsite 50kW and 20kW wind power towers coupled with our solar array on our manufacturing facility rooftop. 


We are committed to the social needs of our employees, our stakeholders, the communities in which we operate and our global society.  Two of our core values are integrity and respect.  We have the courage to do the right thing and we maintain a strict adherence to honesty, ethics and equality.  We value our relationships with each other, customers, suppliers and business partners and act in the same way that we want to be treated.

We are committed to maintaining a respectful work environment for our employees, free from discrimination or harassment of any kind.  Our clear-cut harassment policy and Code of Conduct form the foundation of our culture of respect and dignity.  We are also committed to being an equal opportunity employer and are constantly establishing meaningful diversity metrics.


Our Board strictly adheres to our Corporate Governance Guidelines and Code of Conduct, which are reviewed annually.  Our directors represent a wide range of perspectives, experience and knowledge.  Our goal is to double our Board’s gender diversity ratio within the next year.

ESG Report: