Networking and Communications Solutions Provider ADTRAN Completes Energy-Saving LED Lighting Upgrade with Orion Fixtures

September 19, 2017 at 8:30 AM EDT
LED Energy Savings + Conservation Incentives = Fully Recouped Investment in Just Over Three Years

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. and MANITOWOC, Wis., Sept. 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Orion Energy Systems (NASDAQ:OESX) (Orion Lighting), a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance LED lighting products, was selected to provide energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to ADTRAN, Inc., a leading networking infrastructure and communications equipment provider. The project to upgrade the company’s Huntsville, AL production facilities was awarded to Orion Lighting reseller EnerSage as part of ADTRAN’s broader corporate energy conservation program.

ADTRAN’s primary manufacturing area contained 2’ x 4’ T-8 standard, 4-lamp fluorescent lighting fixtures that needed to be retrofitted or replaced due to end-of-life outages and poor quality of light. “Fluorescent ballast failures and fixture outages were approaching 40%, therefore our repairs and costs were increasing,” said Kelley Whalen, EEP and Energy Management Coordinator at ADTRAN. “Our energy management program, electricity rate increase and illumination issues made the manufacturing lighting project a priority energy conservation measure,” Whalen added.

Orion's APOLLO® LED LDR®Troffer fixtures were selected to replace 1,550 fluorescent troffer fixtures at ADTRAN’s production facilities. The energy conservation project qualified ADTRAN for a $70,000 incentive through a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) rebate program, further enhancing the project’s long-term return on investment. The new LED lighting systems are expected to reduce electricity consumption by over 800,000 kWh per year, yielding over $60,000 per year in energy savings. The systems’ ongoing energy savings, combined with the conservation incentive, should enable ADTRAN to fully recoup its investment in just over three years.

Orion’s APOLLO® LED LDR® Troffer fixtures were designed to simplify and speed the retrofit process, thereby minimizing cost and disruption. Working multiple lighting crews, EnerSage was able to install all 1,550 fixtures in just over four nights with minimal impact to ADTRAN’s production activities. One fixture was installed every two minutes, on average, demonstrating Orion’s smart, installation-friendly designs.

“After a thorough assessment of potential lighting options, we selected Orion's LED lighting products for their tested performance, total energy savings and their speed and ease of installation," said Greg Smith, Manager of Facilities of ADTRAN.

ADTRAN’s Whalen also added, "It was important to us that our lighting solution provided improved illumination at our facilities and was aligned with our corporate energy program mandate to reduce energy consumption and expense. Orion's solutions met or exceeded our requirements, and their customer service commitment ensured minimal business disruption during installation.” Jack Moores, President of EnerSage, said, “Orion and EnerSage are proud to have partnered with ADTRAN and TVA on this very successful and high visibility energy conservation project.” 

Orion CEO, Mike Altschaefl, commented, “We are honored to add ADTRAN as a valued Orion customer and grateful to EnerSage for their excellent installation and customer service throughout this project. Deploying energy efficient LED lighting solutions is a win-win for all parties and the environment. We congratulate ADTRAN and the Tennessee Valley Authority for their forward thinking and action in supporting energy-efficiency initiatives.”

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